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With our project information we would like to give you an impression of our work. Therefor we always present here new projects which have been completed recently.

If you move the cursor to the topic of interest and click you will be directed to the document and can download or print the document.

Development and Innovation Management

- Development of a hobbing head for the internal hobbing of annulus gears

- QFD-process for the development of a new gantry machining centre

- Development of components for screw compressors

- Development of a modular block system for industrial goods

- Innovation as basis for the strategy of a company

Technology Management

- Value mapping as basis for the reduction of the order lead time

- Manufacturing process analysis for reducing the investment cost

- Manufacturing process analysis for reducing the manufacturing time and cost

Organization and Project Management

- Establishing a complete order management system for the reduction of the order lead time

- Evaluation of companies for the take-over and integration into new strucures

Knowledge Management

- Benchmark for the analysis of key strengthes and weaknesses in a company

- Devlopement of a failure key for machine tools to improve the service capability

- Quality management system as part of the overall management system in a company

Interim Management

- Technical management for a limited time

- General management for restructuring and reorganization