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InnoTech is a engineering service company which offers its service for companies which are active in the fields of engineering and metall working. Our services are focussed to the following topics:

- Development and Innovation Management

- Technology Management

- Organization and Project Management

- Knowledge Management

InnoTech offers the complete know-how and the methods to solve problems with strategic or operative character in the above mentioned areas.

Besides the conceptionell work we offer our support for the introduction and implentation of all the activities which have been defined during the project work. In addition we offer also timewise limited management ressources as an Interim Management.


InnoTech is a team of experts with different background. Therefore we are able to solve even complex problems with the necessary expertise.

This Inhouse-Kompetenz will be complementary supported by cooperation contracts with several other service companies.

Following the slogan: “The better is the enemy of the good!” we are always looking for new solutions for the individual problems of our customers.

Therefor parternships with universities and research institues are an essential part of the companies strategy. Herewith we can ensure that we are always state-of-the-art in science and technology.